Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spilling The Beans

So. About the new home purchase.

They didn't accept our counteroffer last week. Not that I expected them to, but I do believe it was a fair offer (and the maximum we are willing to budget for the property).

Anyway, the counteroffer expiration date came and went with nothing but silence from the seller's side. We began looking for other properties, and we found a very interesting building across the river in another historical district. On the upside, it has 3,400 square feet with a view of the water plus a detached two car garage with a one bedroom apartment above it. On the downside, the street is a busier road with some retail on it, versus the virtual mansions on the quiet street that the other home is tucked into.

We were booking yet another trip to the area to check it out (no small feat with Andrew's travel schedule), and guess who finally gets around to emailing me back a revised counteroffer? Days after it expired. And all of the sudden, the large gaps in sales price and closing costs had shrunk. By a lot.

But not quite enough.

Sooo we countered again. At this point I'm okay with losing the property. It has nothing to do with being stubborn, I just know what our numbers need to be, and I believe that our offer is fair. He has until Monday to accept or decline.

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