Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fifth Bag Of Mailbag: Liar, Liar

Friends watch a black cloud from our wedding suite.

"...Did you guys really see a tornado or are you killing time playing around with photoshop? I never knew a tornado could make it's way to Florida..."

Yes and yes. We're certainly as prone as the next state to those dizzy little suckers. In fact, one of the larger concerns with hurricanes is the tornadoes (and water spouts) that spin off of them. The whole palm trees and peace thing they sell here is certainly a myth, no?


L said...

I liked your tornado video. It was neat.

People who don't think tornadoes occur in Florida should google the Miami tornado that occurred several years ago. One went right through downtown Miami. I don't think it did much damage though.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

No kidding? I'll have to check that out...