Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Biological Clock Is On Snooze

Lately, every time I end a sentence with an exclamation point or leave an excited teaser voicemail for someone, the response I get is always the same, "You're pregnant aren't you?!"

No, I'm not.

Although, I'll admit to having fleeting cravings for fleshy rather than furry belly kisses and that irreplaceable baby smell of powdery lavender, I haven't really felt the push for children yet.

I think my biological clock is on snooze.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed his kids this play area.

What I have been thinking endlessly about -- for the first time ever -- is designing children's spaces. Either a bedroom or play area, the possibilities have me dreaming of something similar to Santa's workshop. A large, open, warm space (lots of wood?) with vaulted ceilings and tiny hiding areas filled with puzzles and blocks and bicycles. Think handmade toys with a vintage throwback feel that are both basic and infinitely whimsical. Non gender specific and anti pastel.

Christopher Robin sign on Etsy from IceHouseCrafts.

Anyone have a 5 year old I can borrow?

As featured on A Vintage Cottage Home.


dee begg said...

Thanks for the feature of my sign. Babies do have that "new baby" smell which is intoxicating, so be careful when you are around them! LOL!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh how nice of you to link to my blog of vintage images, Kelly! So glad you are enjoying them! Have a great day!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'll pretend. I would LOVE a space like that.

a Broad said...

I love little children. I love the crazy funny things that they say, I love watching them figure things out and the enjoyment they get out of small simple things that we take for granted.
They make you see the world differently ( or the way they do which might be the way it should be seen) ... I would have had more, but I didn't.
I totally understand not being ready .. when you are, there will be no stopping you lol.
The sign is wonderful !