Saturday, November 21, 2009

Before + Progress: The Historic House By The Water: Office, Part 1

Before + Progress is an ongoing series keeping you up to date on whatever project is currently occupying our time. There is still lots to be done at this point to make the Progress photos actually qualify for the coveted After stage.

We've hatched a plan, Stan. Remember The Office that I've been mulling over for weeks? Well, it's finally starting to take shape. Finally. Below are some of the items that we'll be introducing into our already well broken in set of laptops, 'puter monitors, files, keyboards, printers, files, sketchbooks, and... did I mention files? (Those will be going into a specially organized closet set aside just for that monster of a task. Figuring out how to keep track of all of our paperwork is sort of like trying to solve the national debt.)

First, though, let me tell you a tad about what we're working with here. The room is 12' x 11' and is located on the second floor with Southwestern exposure. It has a high ceiling, dark wood floors, white wood trim (including an antique transom), solid wood doors with (my favorite!) antique glass door knobs, and a closet which is located on the same wall as the entrance.

We'll be painting the room a subtle gray, and purchasing Ikea's Alvine Ruta Rug that I showed you the other day. Besides all of our office gear, we'll be putting in a flat screen television (the size of which we haven't settled on), a new telephone, and possibly a small dresser or table. Now, on to the latest additions...

For our desks we've gone with two sets of Ikea's Vika Amon tabletops and leifs. (Yeah, you might remember our kicking and screaming about it here.) We like the extra long, yet narrow work spaces they provide. Plus, the bases aren't fixed to the tops allowing a bit of flexibility. Should we, you know, move in six months. (What? Did I just write that?) Previously, Andrew had the Ikea Galant desk with an extension (from his bachelor days) that we were sharing in the office, and I had a Pottery Barn thing (that survived my singlehood) that I was using in our guest bedroom as a drawing desk. Most likely mine will remain in our guest bedroom, and his Galant will be sold on Craigslist. (I know some of you have been scouting for that model, so shoot me a message if you're a taker.)

Right now, the lighting consists of two windows facing the South and West and a horrid 1980s style ceiling fan. For the openings we'll use white billowy sheers like these simple ones from Walmart. We also plan on removing the fan and having recessed lighting installed. Plus, we're buying two of the lamps above for each of us to be able to control the direct light above our own work areas. They are Pharmacy Floor Lamps in Rubbed Bronze from Target. They sort of look black in the photo but, I assure you, they're not. Previously, our lamp was a floor lamp with a large round white shade that I'd purchased online from Target. We loved the way it looked, but it fell apart in less than a year. I hope I don't regret buying lamps from them again.

We finally decided on office chairs. 'Bout time, right? I know. Andrew and I sat our tushies in nearly every vintage boutique, high end specialty store, low end furniture slinger, and falling apart estate sale chairs from here to Timbuktu today. Seriously. Nary a seat was spared. In the end, after visiting them in person (we accidentally discovered that Nest Living is located a short walk from our newest pad -- and it's their ONLY showroom!), it came down to two finalists: Herman Miller's Eames Molded Plastic Arm Chair and West Elm's Garvey Chair. After a long, intellectual discussion with Andrew ("I dunno, I just like the fabric one better. My butt hurts without a cushion, Kelly...") we decided to go with a couple of the Garveys along with the Pottery Barn Bettina Pillows below. You know, so our lumbars won't hate us.

For the walls, we've already purchased a whole bunch of different white frames with mats, like the one below from Target, and we're going to fill them with historic black and white photos of our new town.

Check out some of the neat pictures that I found, below.

Our closing on the house is scheduled for Tuesday at noon. Renovations begin at around 12.01 pm.
Or possibly around 30 seconds sooner.


micah @ the yellow front door said...

I am excited to see what this looks like when it's done! Those old pictures are great.

Mrs. Chic said...

I love those chairs and the pillows, looking forward to seeing how everthing comes together