Saturday, January 2, 2010

Andrew Kicks In 2010


In case you're curious about the wild times we had on Thursday evening, check it out.

About a week ago we found out that Frecklehead had to have a knee surgery, which we were scheduled to take him in for on Thursday afternoon. Poor boy.

At least he got to wear a cool hat.

While he was getting cut up, I hoofed it across the street with a latte and an apple and enjoyed a brisk day at the beach. Which would have been perfect if he wasn't in the operating room. So I took a picture to show him later.

Such torturous waiting, right? I highly recommend booking surgery centers for your loved ones across from the ocean. Or on a yacht. Or in Vegas. Seriously.

A couple of hours later he was up and at 'em again. I wanted to kiss it, but that's poo poo'd on apparently. Something about sanitation.

He was so excited to tell me that the doctor ordered an evening of sedentary football viewing. I think the surgeon actually just said that Andrew was supposed to take it easy and keep his knee elevated, but you know how those minor specifics get lost in translation.

Here he is catching a game with the peanuts. Yes, ALL FOUR OF THEM.

Later, we dined on crab legs and root beer in bed and watched movies all night. Which ended up being pretty fun, actually.

What about you? What kind of debauchery did you all enjoy while ringing in 2010?


Steven Anthony said...

sounds nice(the crab leg and movie part, not the knee thing) I had a couple friends over, seafood and a doctor who marathon;) happy 2010

Amanda said...

That actually sounds very nice and cozy! (Minus the whole surgery part.) We went to a friend's house and ate fondue and drank a lot. :) Happy new year! Love your blog.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

Thank you, Amanda! It was really nice, although fondue sounds lovely, too.