Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before + Progress: The Historic House By The Water: Master Bedroom, Part 1: Hints

Before + Progress is an ongoing series keeping you up to date on whatever project is currently occupying our time. There is still lots to be done at this point to make the Progress photos actually qualify for the coveted After stage.

Double click on the photos for a close up view.

I know I'm supposed to be working on The Living Area right now. And I am. Sort of.

But, unless you'd like to peruse dozens of sketches with X's drawn through them and hear about the wall that we didn't expect to have to nurse back to life, I suggest that you don't ask about that space at the moment. Let's just say that the minor kitchen re-design we'd planned is turning into an entire ground floor overhaul.

Get ready to have some fun, friends.

But for now, I give you a few of my new scores for The Sexy Room. I mean, The Master Bedroom. Behold...

Any idea what I'm up to?

And, yes, I've still got these guys on my mind.