Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before + Progress Pictures: The Historic House By The Water: Living Area, Part 3

The first coat of paint is down in The Living Area. FINALLY.

We love the marble fireplace. It's one of the main reasons that we bought the house. I kid. We're still figuring out a resolution.


Buh-by ugly fan and textured ceiling.

We already removed the arch above the stairs and we will be doing the same with the one above the dining room shortly.

So far, I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out.

We're figuring out a solution to banish those wretched vents. I'm working on it. Painting them the same color as the wall is only a temporary solution. Like I mentioned before, we'll most likely be punching a vented fire door into The Dining Room (on the right) and patching over these altogether. But it all depends on if I can make the kitchen work like I want it to, so we'll see. So that's where we're at.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

COLOR! Where is your color?! I hope your furniture isn't white, too. :-P

And I thought you were serious for am oment about the fireplace. I went "WHAT!?" and then had to swallow my throw up. Glad that's over.

Ha! It's looking really good, actually. Those vents, though...YIKES.

Kelly said...

I know. The vents are bad. I'm working on it.

I think we're going to stucco over the fireplace. I think. I've decided that I want it to be nondescript.

The furniture isn't going to be white, but it IS going to be all earth tones. Very monotone. Muted. I think.

You see, I've committed to a lot of decisions in this room...

Stephanie Skolnick said...

Looks great, I'm liking the light and bright feel with all that beee-utiful natural light. Good tone to set when someone first enters your home, obviously not the goal of the previous owners that wanted to scare away any guests with that pumpkin patch!

shannon_u said...

Wow, you just added a WHOLE lot of visual square feet by lightening that paint up! I haven't seen in your blog exactly what state you are in, but by your color choice I'm guessing West Coast? California perhaps? (Seems every updated house in CA I've seen lately is painted white or off white.) Y'all seem to pull it off and make it interesting, though - don't get me wrong. Stucco over the fireplace sounds nice. There's also a product called Skimstone that is kind of like colored concrete that you trowel over tile. Would work well over the fireplace. Hubby and I are about to embark on Landlording. I grew up in a family that owned properties, so I know you're right about the antacids and bleeding money. I'm just pretending I don't hear you! (Fingers in ears) LA LA LA LA. :)

Kelly said...

It sounds like you have a solid idea what you're getting into, Shannon! You'll be fine! And, honestly, I've had (obviously) way more positive experiences -- thus, far! -- than negative ones. Watch, though, now I just cursed myself.

Thank you for the Skimstone thoughts! I didn't literally mean stucco, but you get it. I think you're right; that product could work very well here.

In terms of the paint color -- not that you suggested this but -- a lot of people think that I'm partial to whites bc of resale value. Actually, I just like the way that they provide a monotone palette.

We're in Florida, by the way! This place is in Jacksonville, but most of our other properties are in South Florida. Lots of white, beachy cottages up here, and sleek, white South Beach places in Fort Lauderdale. (I'd probably be a white lover in another place, too, though.)

By the way, it's interesting that you're the first one to comment about how much larger it makes the space feel -- it's VERY true of this room in person.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I have NEVER seen vents like those before, crazy! Do they work, keep the place warm and cool? I'd certainly hope they have a redeeming quality!

This post is great, yes, you are fortunate to have such problems, but that doesn't stop them from being frustrating and annoying! Hang in there and thanks for the does of reality. I love real estate and always trying to talk my husband into investments...his responses may have merit.


Anonymous said...

Why did you get rid of the arch between the living room and dining room?

Kelly said...

For a number of reasons. Primarily because it wasn't part of the original design and, coupled with the smaller arch above the stairway, ended up making the room feel imbalanced and ill planned. Everything else in the space is rather symmetrical which made the effect even worse.

When I say that "it wasn't part of the original design" I mean that it was added years later (probably in the 1950s) after the house was built (in the late 1920s), and has no redeeming qualities in terms of historic architectural value echoed throughout the rest of the house.

Does that make sense?