Friday, March 12, 2010

Nineteenth Bag Of Mail: Front Door



This is Jennifer Reece from Habit Of Design and I was hoping to pick your brain!

I hope you don't mind that I emailed this question to you, rather than your blog, but here goes anyway!

My husband and I are the proud owners of a cute 1923 craftsman bungalow. I am going to repaint the exterior front door and two sidelights, because right now they are a (oh so hideous!) magenta-ish color! The exterior of our home is a very soft green, with grey accents. I was leaning very heavily towards a black door or even a gray-so-dark-it-appears-almost-black-door! (Definitely not a black with a bluish or brownish tint.)

My question is (drum roll...), have you painted any front doors black or blackish? And if so, I would love to hear if you recommend a particular color/brand before I start hitting my fan decks!

That's it! Thanks for humoring me and I love your blog and so glad I found it! Give your doggies a belly rub for me.

Hope to talk to you soon,

Jennifer Reece

p.s. I would LOVE to get rid of the security gate on the front door, but with so much (beautiful) glass on the door and sidelights, it's just not safe."

(Jennifer also included a link to this photo of the exterior of her home. And I just had to include the inspirational picture she had alongside it here. Aren't those colors gorgeous?)

Jennifer, based on the information I have, I love your idea. I vote for charcoal, personally. In fact, that's the color we're painting the entry door of our new house until we replace it (with a glass and charcoal colored one). You can see the it here and here, though, please keep in mind that the entire front of the house hasn't been touched yet and will be having quite a bit of work done to it. (You can also see a dark front door that I replaced with a glass one here. Also, check out some other interesting entryways in our neighborhood here.)

A few other things you may want to consider:

1. Hardware (kick plates, doorknobs, and/or a knocker) can add a lot of color or character.

2. There are lots of options for security doors. Consider setting a steel frame into wood so that only timber is visible.

3. You could replace the glass in the door and sidelights with higher strength security glass.

4. Maybe you could find an antique grill or gate to serve as your security door?

5. Think about painting the security door the same color as your front door.

Thanks for taking the time to email me, Jennifer, and I'm really glad that you enjoy the blog! Send us a picture when you revamp your door. Can't wait to see it!


Habit of Design said...

Hi Kelly!
Thank you for taking the time to pass on all of your wonderful recommendations! I like the security door option you mentioned above, too. I will have to look into that more.

Well, I did it! I spent the weekend painting the front door and side lights! I ended up going with a bit darker color than I anticipated. In fact, it's pretty black! But I think it is very complimentary and does add a bit of a pop, especially since there are so many grey details. I will have to take a photo, but not tonight....Tonight I am resting my achey bones and enjoying some ice cream for all my hard work!

Thank you again for your helpful advice, Kelly! You're the sweetest!
I look forward to seeing what you do with your new house!


Kelly said...

After out of town guests and going out of town ourselves, our house has been virtually ignored the last week or so! Hopefully I'll have some progress to share this week.

I can't wait to see how your door turned out! High five to your for tackling it yourself this weekend. I pictured it pretty dark, so I'm anxious to see how it looks!