Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Right Thing Or Things

During a twenty something minute wait in a line at a Walmart in the ghetto, a line that began with exactly two carts in front of us, Andrew and I noticed that the hold up could be attributed to a young woman directly ahead of us who was trying to redeem some sort of government assistance. She had two toddlers with her.

My first reaction was to offer to pay for her groceries.

My second reaction was to tell Andrew that we should just hand the cashier, who was dumbfounded-ly fiddling around on the register, our bank card to pay for her groceries.

But before I could do either of those things Andrew whispered, "I don't think we should have to pay for her groceries if she's buying a cart half full of cigarettes and DVDs."

"Pay for her groceries?" I asked, half surprised that he'd had the exact same thought, half disheartened by what I hadn't noticed she was buying.

"You know, in our taxes."


paisley penguin said...

Oh goodness. I would be just like you. Offering to assist and not even noticing what she was buying.

chacha said...

It's really sad that people like that abuse the system and the ones that actually need it get lumped in with the lazy cigarette smokers who refuse to work harder and save. Oh well.

Kelly said...

It is sad Chacha. It really just made me very sad. For those toddlers.

simple~needs said...

it doesnt make me sad, it makes me angry. angry that the system is not better run, that there should be stipulations; such as drug screenings, budgeting clases, or financial intervention. these people are given money every month and alot( not all) have no idea on budgeting or using coupons. i have been on both sides, there was a time that i received assistance and no, i didnt buy cigs( never smoked) ,dvd's nor junk food. i had 2 little girls to feed and shopped the thrift stores religously. kudos to you for NOT paying for her things.

Rachel Lynne said...

I definitely agree, I just feel sorry for those little kids :(

Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

I have bought some one else's groceries before... but not some one else's DVDs. lol. I think what bothers me more than just wasted tax dollars is people who feel entitled to assistance and discounts. I won't even begin to say how much that bothers me. Gah!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm jealous of your skin. I tried putting the Aloe in the fridge, but then it just stung really badly when I put it on (before you suggestion). I've kind of come up with a system... I stand in the shower, turning the water colder and colder, and then when I am sick of being in the shower, I beg my husband to Aloe my back, and then I stand in front of the fan. Repeat. lol. Thankfully I have nothing better to do... until Monday!

Cassie said...

It's so awesome how you both had the same thought to help her (aka: her children), but also sad what she was using other's tax money to purchase.

I really enjoyed this post. I feel like I always get in that extra-long wait line at Walmart. Oh how I love Publix :)