Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Wasn't He Named Randy Couture?

And to think that he's deathly frightened of hairbrushes.

And shopping bags. And fireflies.

And toupees.

Randy Couture is probably afraid of those things too, though.

That's why he has no hair and plays indoor sports.


Steven Anthony said...

heheh so cute

Brooke&Tyson said...

i'm slightly obsessed with him... sooo cute!!

Kelly said...

Unless you mess with his gopher or try to brush his hair. Heh.

a Broad said...

LOL ... I have one of those too !
They sound so fierce, don't they ?
Mine is able to drag me down the hall lol .. a combo of highly polished floors , socks and a very strong big boy with a toy.

Rachelle said...

Can I ask how you have a bulldog and a white carpet? Do you have any tips for keeping them clean? Or is it just mine that makes everything filthy?