Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inspiration + Poster Size Cookies

Did I ever mention that I designed this kitchen, and yeah I live here?

Okay, I'm lying.

However, if there's ever a completely false rumor that is rampantly passed across the interwebs about me and it just happens to be that one, I will be just fine with it, I suppose. And I will not correct anyone. For at least six months.

And while the truth is, that I did not, in fact, design this kitchen nor do I reside here, I do find it to be one of the most disorderly orderly intriguing designs and efficient spaces that I've come across in a long, long time. And I'm completely smitten. And I cannot stop drooling over these photos.

Which brings me to my point.

This month is Do Or Die time in The Kitchen, pushed further forward by our refrigerator deciding to DIE yesterday.

Unfortunately, I am not nearly as excited about this part of the process as Andrew is, because well, I actually realize the full extent of the tsunami that is about to blow through our ground floor and control our snacking habits. Because of this, I'm afraid that The Kitchen might just be the room that finally throws Andrew over the edge with this whole renovating thing. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm considering plastering pictures of this incredibly inspiring and already FINISHED kitchen all over the house to keep his morale up. Either that or poster size photographs of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Both equally effective.


Steven Anthony said...

cookies, go with the cookies ;)

And Kathleen said...

So... I just spent a good 5 minutes on the first line and photo in awe. I was green with envy and all "whaat!? NUH UH. She WOULD."

Then I moved on to the second line and felt a little bit better about myself.

All of that to say - I love it too. I'll continue to pretend like it's yours.

Katie @ Domestiphobia.net said...

I LOVE that. Very unique and comfortable. A throwback to old timey-times with a touch of super modern. But isn't that... dare I say it... *gasp* - blueberry??!?

Kelly said...

I totally laughed at that too, Katie!!! I was wondering if anyone else would notice!

Lisa said...

I have a picture of my dream kitchen on our fridge so I don't fall into a spiral of renovation depression.