Saturday, August 14, 2010

My New Roses Are Knock Outs

Here are those new knock out roses that I told you about the other day.

I picked out the mammoth one and Andrew picked out the modest one and guess which one is dying and which one is blooming with four thousand six hundred and ninety seven flowers today?

So, apparently, he's good for choosing more than the accountant.

p.s. It's hard to follow a story about meeting a rock legend, so I've included a relevant music video to ease the transition. And because I'm sure that I'll get at least one email asking, no, I've never met L.L. Cool J. But I did have a run in with Vanilla Ice outside of The Pad By The Sea a few years ago, which I know is, like, totally not the same thing because L.L.'s like Gandhi and Vanilla's like, well, you know. Himself. So never mind.


Jessika said...

Garden posting by Kelly! Well, plant posting at least. Suddenly, I feel awesome.

Crys said...

Don't feel bad. I have killed almost every plant we've ever owned while my husband's plants last forever. I have kept up my herb garden though!