Sunday, September 5, 2010

Before + Progress Video: The Historic House By The Water: Kitchen, Part 7

Maybe it's because our proposal has been overhauled more times than Heidi's face or maybe it's because I'm trying to juggle construction projects and tenant issues at four other properties (including this, which I'm flying down on Friday to take pictures of) or maybe it's because I FEEL LIKE WE'RE UNNECESSARILY BLEEDING MONEY, but in the last couple of days it's come to a head, and I couldn't be more upset over The Kitchen project right now, which many of you had probably figured out after this little episode.

I don't want to get into specifics, but we're reaching that critical point that happens in a lot of projects, where the novelty of having a toaster in the bedroom is long flipping gone and we've killed a forest of paper plates and my eyes have permanently popped out of my head from the amount of money that I'm paying for services and materials.

Andrew is dealing with it by taking the new season of Jersey Shore very seriously, meaning he is ignoring what's happening downstairs as much as possible, though the veins in this forehead start pulsing every time he has to write a check and I'm pretty sure he'll have to sign the next one with a paintbrush so that he doesn't go postal with a pen.

I talk about where we're at in the video, below, but I don't cover the absurdity of expecting things like unchanging prices and timely work and fast deliveries because, seriously, OHMYGAWD what was I thinking?

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p.s. Manny would like to issue a public apology for, well, you know. He's laying off the popcorn for now.


Steven Anthony said...

ugggggggggggg I feel for ya ;)

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i've always heard kitchen reno's are the worst...that's why there is mindless reality shows to take your mind off of all the stress!
p.s. i always love seeing photos of that cute dog!

Lindy said...

All I can say is, girlfriend, you sure know how to tear UP a house!