Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking A Break

Andrew and I have been subsisting on deli meals and takeout and grocery store steamed crab legs for over a month now, the only upside being that we're keeping several of our neighborhood San Marco restaurants from actually realizing there's a recession going on. On top of that, my easy days, the ones that I was supposed to be having after stepping back from my Executive Director position, have turned into sprints, hours of racing between high maintenance tenants and time sucking projects and minor design disasters and the new responsibility of being a wife.

I've learned a lot of things these last few months, but the most important, I think, is that there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

Even though there's a gaping hole in our kitchen.

Second to that, I'm finding out just how valuable it is to TAKE A BREAK SOMETIMES, especially during the moments when it seems rather unfathomable, but you've eaten boxed Thai coconut soup exactly sixteen days in a row. Andrew was not opposed to the idea, but he was skeptical that we'd be able to sneak away, and so I lured him onto the plane with the words, SECLUDED, BOATING, OCEAN, and JOSE CUERVO.

Which was just as easy as it sounds.

And then I mentioned that we'd be making a pit stop in South Florida to sign two leases, return a deposit, check on The Bathroom progress, shop for flooring, and hit up an appliance supplier.

Which only took up most of Friday, and then we set off to Margaritaville where we're laying in hammocks and wading in the ocean and only checking our cell phones three or four or twelve times a day.

"SEE," I told him this afternoon, "AND YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RELAX."


Brooke&Tyson said...

ahhh a nice relaxing vacation sounds so nice right now... have so much fun!!!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Ok, I think that thing that stood out for me the most in this post was "Boxed Thai Coconut Soup"! What! I didn't know a person could buy that. I love love love Coconut Soup. I could probably eat it for 16 days straight too. What brand is it? I don't know why I ask...because they obviously don't have it here in OKC.

And Kathleen said...

I feel like we are very much in the same boat here. But where's my margarita!?

Life in Rehab said...

Good for you, Lady. I'm looking forward to the day when there's a vacation budget again.

Kelly said...

Nita, we actually get it boxed lunch style from a Thai restaurant around the corner from our house, Basil Thai. It's to die for.

Kathleen, I'm a Bloody Mary girl, myself, so I'd leave the margaritas to you and Andy. Although, I did have THE BEST MARGARITA IN THE WORLD (and I don't even usually care for them) a couple of months ago in Tampa at The Fish Market. YOU MUSTMUSTMUST TRY IT. I'm flying over there on Thursday and having dinner there JUST for that drink! Seriously!

Kelly said...

Sunny, you live in paradise, lady! But, yeah, I understand. I went quite a few years like that, and sometimes it's just nice to get out of town, you know? Maybe you could house swap with someone?

a Broad said...

Good ! So glad to hear you are "relaxing" and giving the heart a rest .. haha.
I had a fantastic Margarita yesterday for our Mexican Brunch in Soho and the day before was a Bloody Mary lunch .. so we agree on the drinks :)
Today is hot tea, we slid back into cold weather :(
Be sure to get lots of Rest Relax Romance .... It is good for the heart ~

Val said...

Ditto, I so need to take a long trip and regroup. Great blog.

pearls said...

thanks for the reminder to take a break.... i could use a long one :)