Monday, October 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: There Will Be Casseroles

It was inevitable that baking was going to worm it's way back into our household. I searched high and low for a machine that wasn't overpriced or ugly, because it's impossible to cook on something that makes you want to vomit.

I spotted this Whirlpool Gold model at Lowe's when we bought our dishwasher, and it was listed at $1449. Please notice the double oven. It means that you can bake a roast and eight ramekins of creme brulee at the same time, right after fetching your husband's slippers and taking the curlers out of your hair.

The store moved it to the back this week and replaced it with this year's new model which is priced at $1749, which means that the display model was on the chopping block for a ridiculously low $1100 and Andrew was all, "Perfect. Done," and I was all, "Not so fast, Trigger," and he was all, "All right, let's just keep eating canned tuna for a few more weeks," and I was all, "$1100 isn't so bad," and he was all, "Great! Done!" and I was all, "But then again, no, because I'm cheap and $1100 is too much," and he was all, "WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU?"

Just then the manager walked up and said, "I'm open to $950 if you'll get out of my store." Not really. She just said the first part, but she was probably thinking, Security! Which is why it makes total sense that Andrew was able to negotiate the price down to $900. And I really hate to admit this, but when a manager agrees to a price in a store, I never take it, until they've called at least two other managers and physically shuddered from the grotesquely low price tag that we've agreed to.

Don't worry, I make sure to buy decent volume so they don't kill me.

When we'd spent fifteen minutes getting them down to $900, we thanked them and walked out the door, and then BOOM an hour later they called and said, "We can do $850! We can do $850! IT'S GO TIME!"

And I might have happily paid that $850 for that $1449 stove, the one that Andrew was two seconds away from shelling out $1100 for, but moments before I'd found it at a high end close out warehouse in Orlando for guess what? $599. $599!



Elisa @ What the Vita said...

That's some great skillz. Kelly, I need a freezer for my garage. Work your magic!

Kelly said...

Try H.H. Gregg. They have really great freezer prices.

emily said...

we ate pb &j and cereal, take out, etc. for 6 mos. b/c i am so cheap ;)

Amanda said...

Nicely done! I do kind of wish I'd gone the double oven route- sometimes I want just TWO previously made/frozen biscuits, but I feel guilty heating up the whole oven for just two biscuits, so then I go without. Blasphemy. Glad you got such a killer deal!

Life in Rehab said...

You got that stove for the price of a tabletop hibachi! I completely bow to your skills!

Melissa said...

i hate you (but not really) i'm just utterly amazed at the amazing deals you are always able to score! good choice on the stove (we have a whirlpool gold too...only it's from like 1995) actually we just replaced our element in order to cook our Thanksgiving turkey....beware, they're hard elements to find!

Kelly said...

Sunny, I love the comparison!

Melissa, we're good for at least twelve months with the warranty. If something goes wrong after that, we'll just turn the dining room into a fire pit.

Freckles Chick said...

Oh my......I'd let that oven bake my ramekins anyday.

I have so much to learn....better yet, how about you just come w/ me when I have to shop for sh!t?!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

That is an amazing story. Makes me want to go stove shopping. Guess Andrew will let you do all the negotiating from now on. Or just let you search from home.

Katie @ said...

My kind of girl! Question: Does Andrew get as embarrassed by you as my husband does when I do this? He acts embarrassed while the haggling is going on, but then is always bragging to everyone how "WE" worked such a great deal when everything's done. :)

Kelly said...

Freckles, I'm always down for a shopping trip.

Katie, Andrew actually negotiates and closes multi-million dollar deals for a living, so (when it comes to products) he's actually better at it than I am!

Pat in New Hampshire said...

I LIKE the range! Even more, that you didn't end up buying a "reduced" appliance from Lowes. At Greenland NH, they treated me like cr*p in a similar situation.

I found my long awaited fridge model with a Reduced sign at Lowes two weeks ago. I removed the sign and started the purchase discussion. Had my credit card out, and inquired about possible delivery, whereupon the fellow (Ian) left the area for 5 minutes. I have to wonder if the salesman hadn't phoned a friend and I happened along at the wrong time for him. He snuck the sign back onto the fridge and when I noted I would be renting a trailer to pick the unit up the following day, INSISTed that the couple who had arrived after me "had their pickup truck" and would be able to buy and take it immediately. AND that OH YES, he/Lowes would be selling it to them!!! If the identical (only in white) fridge hadn't been sitting back to back in the aisle to the one I wanted, with a Sold/pick up dated for the next day notation on the sticker, they would have made a better case. After having a "service manager",Jose Franchi, come to talk to me, they Both insisted it be sold to the other people! "they have their truck here NOW!"
I would have made more of a stink, except their unscrupulous actions convinced me that I would never buy a clearance appliance from them ever, I couldn't trust the store personnel. Any "quality of service" assurances, and superior ratings for buying a NEW appliance from Lowes was not in play.
What a bad taste this left in my mouth. Jose took my phone number and said he's try to find me a similar deal. The rest of the story? I got a call from him the next day. The Hot in a Hurry couple brought back the fridge, as it was too big for their space! Did I want it? Hell, no, like Tricky Dick Nixon, I wouldn't buy a used car from that guy, nor any appliance that they would refuse to allow to be delivered by their service. I wonder what they are pulling. Caveat Emptor!