Monday, October 11, 2010

Colossal Oops, Actually

Get ready for a funny little story.

After weeks of waiting for our Thomasville Cottage cabinets to arrive (which is fine for someone who has, like, patience) I have to say that I was ready to kiss the delivery man when he got here, if only I could imagine that he wasn't five feet tall and smelled like gas station pork rinds and treated me as if I was supposed to be cloaked in a dark colored head scarf. He was also exponentially rude.

So we didn't make out.

Anyway, I loved how they delivered the cabinets by throwing them on our front lawn while the truck was still in route, but Andrew's favorite part is how the order is completely and utterly incorrect, like someone was playing World Of Warcraft and picking their nose instead of figuring out that Cottage doors are not even in the same family as Linden style ones.

Not even in the same universe.

So now we have a pile of boxes sitting in our Kitchen that look like they were ordered by a person who says things like, "But they're transitional!" and "I'm a designer!" AND YOU CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW MY PATIENCE IS TAKING THAT.

I found out that it was at least a thousand dollar mistake, after five or six phone discussions and one meeting in which I threatened to chain myself to the factory floor until my order was corrected, free of labor or materials or delivery charges. Within a week.

And it took about an hour and a half, and a phone call from Andrew, but finally, FINALLY, the Thomasville representative got back to us and was all, "Shit. Oops. We'll have to fix that."


Vonda said...

HA! Kelly, are you surprised? I mean seriously, with all the other things that have happened. It's freaking icing on the cake.

At least you got all those awesome appliances for great prices!! ; > )

Hang in there!

Lisa said...

That's a big bag of suck.

chacha said...

Wow. See, now, this is why I am ok with my economy IKEA cabinets. They may be lower in quality (hey, still better than the cheap stuff at Lowes), but I like that I had total control over my order.

I swear, I have yet to hear about a smooth kitchen remodel where everything goes right and exactly as planned.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Wow, that is BEYOND frustrating!!! I would have completely lost my cool. Way to stick to your guns.