Friday, November 26, 2010

Before + After Pictures: The Historic House By The Water: Kitchen, Part 2

See more of my Before + After's this-a-way. You can double click on each of the photos for larger views.

You had questions about The Kitchen. (Click here to see the Before + After photos.) Mostly, "Did you cook Thanksgiving dinner?!" WHICH I TOTALLY DID, but you wanted to know other stuff, too. I gave up trying to answer by email and comments, so if I don't cover everything here just give me a heads up.

Here goes.

Back up. Are those black AND white cabinets I see?

Yes, and the white is actually a shade called pearl. Which is brilliant and perfect and may be used in every single house I buy from now until eternity. The trim and exterior doors are painted to color match.

Are there parts that turned out better than you thought they would?

The chalkboard wall is better than I'd hoped. When we were designing The Kitchen, I'd mentioned the idea to Andrew as sort of a passing comment and immediately regretted it. He was all for it, because it's a way for us to easily keep track of his travel schedule without losing notes or leaving voicemails. While I liked the old school blackboard look and the way that it would make the completely useless space functional, I was afraid that it would turn an already cramped area into feeling like a cave. Not so. Once we did it, the small black wall actually made the ceiling feel like it grew by a foot.

Total opposite of what I thought would happen.

Can you tell me where you got the wood shelves?

We made the shelving with pine planks cut to fit wall to wall. We stained them with two coats of Cabot Polystain in Dark Oak and had them hung with Ikea black painted brackets. Andrew filled in the screw holes with black caulk for a more finished look.

Where did you find those stools?


Is that painting your work? Can I buy it?

Yes. No, it's not for sale.

What did you use on the floors?

Rectified Italian travertine with a bone colored zero grout line.

How do you like the built-in undercounter refrigeration and freezer units?

They're definitely an investment, but I highly recommend them if you can swing it. Having three is great for this room. Especially because we divided the refrigerator into two units, which gives us the same cubic footage of a traditional stand alone model, but they're accessible from both the eat-in and prep areas, as well as the cooking and dining spaces. The freezer is also fantastic. It has

You can read more about the refrigerators here.

Well, I think that covers it.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

See Part 1 here.


Michael said...

Simply beautiful!!!

A few questions:

1) What's your paint brand/color? (Reminds me a lot of BM Paris Rain that I used in my last home.)

2) Where'd you get the subway tile?

3) Are the Thomasville cabinets the Eden model or Cottage model?

I'm planning a kitchen remodel myself and yours has provided HUGE inspiration!!!

Jessika said...


KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

1) The walls are Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart in Eggshell. The trim and exterior doors are color matched to the Pearl cabinets.

2) The subway tile is from Floor + Decor in Jacksonville. I was NOT impressed with their service. I've used the Floor + Decor in Pompano Beach for years and highly recommend that branch.

3) The Thomasville cabinets are the Cottage style. You might have noticed that they were labeled as Linden in a few of the drawings. That's because the mix up came when we were shown a color sample in the Cottage style and approved it. So we were approving the Linden while being shown the Cottage. Thankfully, it was all worked out after weeks of waiting and reordering. I would be extremely hesitant in ordering from Thomasville again, though.

Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

Hel.lo. Gorgeous! I'm loving the open shelves. And the floors. I have a little thing for Travertine. Can you believe it's done?? Absolutely beautiful. Definitely something to be thankful for this year. : )

Life in Rehab said...

My husband would kill for this kitchen. Bravo.

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

It's definitely much more user friendly than before!

Single Stone Studios said...

This kitchen is so inspiring. I just love how you could change colors schemes so easily while keeping all the bones of the room. I really just love all the pieces.

Carol said...

Love the kitchen, including the mix of black and white cabinets. Mixed cabinets are so cool when done correctly. I do have one question you didn't answer, though: When can I move in and become your maid?


Lisa said...

Fantastic job. You deserve a spa day for finally getting the right cabinets!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I came across your site when trying to find the paint mixture components for the Thomasville cabinets "PEARL" paint. I LOVE that finish as well. Curious as to what brand of paint and color you used, as I am planning on doing the same color paint with the cabinets and trim. I am having my cabinets made and need to pass this info along to the contractor. I am having a heck of a time finding the correct info!! THANK YOU!!!

Rosalind Russell said...

Great idea for the shelves...beautiful work