Monday, November 8, 2010

Toilet Seat

I know.

I better not even be talking about another bathroom reno after I've been stringing you along for two months with Kitchen pictures.

Except. You'll like this.

I'm ordering a black toilet seat off of Amazon for The Upstairs Bathroom, which Andrew agreed to only because I promised it has a seat warmer and a butt wiper and an ultra sophisticated laser that takes care of personal grooming. It will also sing show tunes.

He doesn't get why I'm putting it into (what will be) a completely white washed bathroom, one that will have little to no other black.

But I have my reasons.


Steven Anthony said...

I love it...the bathroom is next on my redo list...I may take this idea:)

Cara said...

interesting! I think I LOVE!!
<3 Cara
PS. A Giveaway is going on @ Lilac and Grey...HINT HINT: "KEEP CALM"

Lisa said...

That seat is also on my list for my bathroom redo....but I don't know if I want my toliet singing show tunes ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a black seat in a mostly white bath and it makes the room (no pun intended).