Sunday, May 15, 2011

World Tour: Part 2, Day 2

Why hello there from not so sunny California...

We landed in Orange County sometime after dark and headed straight into Newport Beach in search of accomodations. He wanted a view of the ocean and good room service, I wanted dirt cheap and no bed bugs. Meaning, that since we did not book ahead, Andrew did donuts in our tin can rental for thirty minutes while I threatened to break out the campfire songs if we stayed anywhere that cost over $200 a night.

It's a good thing we're Marriott Rewards members.

Have you ever been to Newport Beach? I was stunned that no one has ever told me how lovely the waterfront neighborhoods are. How charming and historic they feel, slightly urban, mixed in with both beaches and boating and sharp rolling hills divided by parks and interesting little interstitial spaces comprised of back alleys loaded with bicycles and funky overgrown vegetable gardens. You should go. Now. Really.

I felt perfectly at home.

But, no, I did not shop for real estate while I was there. Like, officially, or anything. But I didn't say I'm not thinking about it!


chacha said...

I didn't realize you were landing in John Wayne! I figured you'd be landing at LAX. So I didn't mentioned any place south of Long Beach.

Laguna Beach is a nice place to stroll - lots of art galleries and a cute beach!

I am about 60 minutes south in Oceanside, but, nothing too amazing there. Encinitas is a *super* cute beach town. One of my favorites - walkable, total stereotypical surfer dude town (and lots of tri-athletes an the unnofficial yoga capital of the US). If you are venturing further south (further south, called the best beach in the US - Coronado Island in San Diego - cute & old - like 1800's). Otherwise, I say Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beach on the way north!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Sounds ideal. Yes, I can imagine you are thinking about living there.

craftosaurus said...

I love that you used the word "interstitial."