Friday, September 23, 2011

Rhododendron Chandelier

I haven't started planning the nursery (since we haven't figured out if we're coming or going), though I can't seem to shake this piece from my brain. I particularly like the scale (it's humungo), and I'm kind of thinking of a space stripped down and airy, along these lines (minus those superfluous frames) with a wham bam shizam light fixure. Or mobile. Or sculpture.

Something with interesting texture.

Also, we're starting to think about names. We're pretty much set on Aston if it's a boy, which according to Andrew it's going to be or he's buying a shotgun and a chastity belt and enrolling her in Jiu Jitsu. I don't have any gender preference at this point, probably because I'm too nauseous to focus on anything outside of vomit prevention which I'm hoping and praying will subside someday soon? Like before the kid goes to kindergarten?


If it is a girl Andrew likes Elliot (we'd call her El), Evyn (we'd call her Ev), Charley Ashlyn, Alex, and Harlan.

I'm leaning toward Sea Monkey myself.

p.s. Can you recommend me a good running stroller (preferably one that fits from birth through toddlerhood)?
p.p.s. Are blackout curtains really essential?


m @ random musings said...

I cant say anything about the running stroller, but blackout curtains are really dependent on how the child reacts to sunlight. From a design/logistics perspective, they do sell blackout liner at fabric stores for something like $4/yard, so it's not a big deal (straight seams only!) to have someone add 'em to an existing curtain - talk to whomever does your alterations.

Martha said...

Blackout curtains were definitely necessary for our baby. They seemed to prevent him from waking up at 5:30 and we got to "sleep in" till 7 or 8. Now that he is a toddler (almost two) light doesn't seem to bother him as much.
I personally just have an umbrella stroller, but I've heard really great things about Bob Strollers and I always admire them when I see them. If you need an umbrella stroller, Maclaren is the best. That's what we have and I love it.
Love the names! Picking names is so much fun.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I think jogging strollers aren't suitable for infants under 6 months - I'm planning on getting one when Baby's at least one year old just to be on the safe side.

The names are great!

What helped me with my "morning" sickness was to have something on hand to eat at all times. At all times. Crackers, pbj sandwiches, whatever, it helped a lot.

My Beautiful Life said...

Love the chandelier. Regarding blackout curtains, we did not invest in them. Just used regular curtains. I would like to make a case for why you should consider not having them.

Years ago, when I went to visit my sister in Dallas, (long before my boys existed) it was 11 pm at night, and my sister told me she was going to run the vacuum. I looked at her in total shock and told her she would wake up my nephews. She gave me some of the best advice, "keep the light on in the hallway, make noise, and do everything you normally would so that when you have kids they will learn to sleep through it." Sure enough her boys were sleeping like little angels. When our boys came along, I made sure we could have normalcy during the nap time.

Now, my sister in law on the other hand, bought black out curtains, and made sure it was pin drop quiet while the baby was asleep. So how does this translate when you are on vacation? Let me elaborate. While visiting my mom's house with the entire family in town, she had to tape up the windows with foil since the blinds blocking light wasn't enough. There were also post it notes all over the proximity close to the room in the kitchen "don't close the door loud", "please talk quietly during such and such nap time hours", "please do not run the washer", "do not do the dishes", "do not put away the dishes". The babies were so used to having everything so quiet you couldn't really even be on the same floor during nap time. When it was time for her to come visit, both her sister and I couldn't host them because we keep strange hours, and are used to noisy households.

Regarding the jogging strollers-when it was just S, my bf and I both got the Baby Trend Expedition Single Jogging Stroller, and loved it. When J came along, I sold that, and bought the In Step safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller.
I hate that stroller for two reasons-1) It weighs almost 40 pounds, and is rather bulky to carry in and out of the car, and 2) it kept having manufacture issues.

A friend of mine got the Bob, and loved it.

You are an actual runner though, so you would definitely want a stroller with a fixed wheel, because if you get one with a swivel wheel, it will start to wobble when you break out into a full run. Most reviews people seem to love the Bob. Make sure to get a stroller with good tires!

P.S. Love the baby names. So sweet. I'm so happy for you. (Minus the nausea. I bought the motion sickness bands, the nausea lolipops, ate ginger snaps, sucked on ginger altoids, chewed on raw ginger, drank ginger ale in small quantities, ate salty crackers first thing before getting out of bed, and still was sick all the time. My OB finally put me on meds because my sister and I had super high Hcg levels (which usually translates into terrible nausea) It will pass.

Sara Stirling said...

I like the B.O.B. I bought the infant conversion kit which can be removed or used for a cup holder/snack tray etc. They are worth the money to me... and yes. GET BLACKOUT CURTAINS! If there's a chance they will help your baby sleep better then why not. Plus it helps signal a change in their room = time to sleep or mommy might lose her sleep deprived $#!*

aBroad said...

I used ordinary shades , my children never seemed to wake with the light. I never wake with the light so this was a Good Thing.
Ginger, get some ginger to chew ( candied ) .. it is a miracle worker with nausea .. Sorry you have it .. I did too. Good news, it doesn't last forever :)

aBroad said...

The thing with black out curtains in a nursery is that the baby will have trouble sleeping when not in that nursery .. with regular windows and light coming in .. making visiting/travel harder in terms of the baby sleeping wherever it goes.
Start things out the way you want them... let the baby live the way you do .. when you start adjusting things to the baby in certain ways, you will be locking yourselves in to these things for the future too. You can't expect friends/family to run out and install black out shades for your visits, know what I mean ? :)

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to point out a reality here but if you have 4 dogs, black out curtains won't matter! We have one dog and have had 2 babies and guess what? Dogs ALWAYS bark when the baby is asleep, even if your dog(gies) are not barkers! I agree with your other posters who encourage you to live your life while the little one sleeps!

Anonymous said...

That nursery photo was beautiful. I just wanted to mention though that colors (specifically the contrasts) are very important for infants. I'd be lying if I said I remember why. I assume for the eyes. Not at all trying to tell you not to do something, but just mentioning it in case you didn't know. They say ideally, black and white patterns, but any type of contrasting colors are great.

Deb said...

Love Evyn....wish we'd thought of that - we had Evan as a boys name and I was pretty heartbroken that I couldn't use it for my girl :)

My opinion only - but black out curtains, a quiet house, and all that jazz only serve to make it more difficult for babies to get to sleep anywhere but a dark, perfectly quiet room. And let's face it - that's not always possible. I had sheer curtains on my babies windows and could vacuum their room while they slept. But, you never know how your little bambino will be, so you'll just have to see how s/he does and go from there :)

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Laura said...

Love the names and the light fixture. We just bought a little girly fixture for our trio and I love it.

No clue on the stroller. As for the blackout shades...I don't know that you need true blackout ones. Kind of depends on your window treatments overall. We have the dreaded "mini blinds" in our house. So, I've put a few tension rods with just regular black curtain panels behind it. Works like a charm, but we don't open the blinds. We don't really spend time in the nursery anyway other than naps/bedtime, so it's ok on our end. I'd say that if you want to be able to open the curtains, blackouts are probably the way to go. Ours wouldn't sleep unless it was fairly dark in their room.

On the advice thing from everyone (as I go giving you advice)...just take it all in and do what feels right to you. I have THREE bambinos and had little clue what to do when I started about 9 months ago. We were literally going insane for the first few months they were home from the NICU. Total craziness around here. But, you will survive. You think you won't, but you will. Trust this total stranger, you will.

For weight loss after, pumping worked like a charm for me. I was back down under where I started in no time, but was pumping for all three babies and probably looked like a walking zombie. Weight was off though in a flash, so that was a plus.

Not that this is a sure fire thing, but we did the 12 Hours by 12 Weeks book for sleep training. With three, we were getting up literally every hour for awhile. I took the tools in the book and just used what I wanted to. Ours all slept through the night around 4 1/2 - 5 months old, so it was a lifesaver.

Let me know if you have any questions or just need to vent. I've been the one standing on my back porch at 3 a.m. screaming...seriously...did it once. I definitely think that people sugar coat the whole pregnancy/motherhood thing at times, but it is not bad to feel how you feel.

Hang in there, girl and hope you feel better soon!!

lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after said...

Not sure if I am a day late and a dollar short, but The Bob is the best stroller eva! I am not a mom. But I am professional nanny extraordinaire and I feel like I hav used every stroller out there. The Bob is the way to go.

PS--you commented on my blog a few days (weeks?) ago and I have been meaning to stop by and say hi. You are quite the funny lady. I like to laugh while I stalk blogs. It makes it way more fun. So thank you. Off to read more of your posts now. All the best! And good luck with the pregnancy stuff. I hear things get better when the babe is not swimming around in your uterus.