Thursday, October 6, 2011

Closet Love

I'm building a closet like this.

I still have to find a new house and pack and move and buy fifty seven pretty dresses and, oh, you know, give birth to that baby and everything, but then then I will build a closet like this.

Because I want those doors.

I used to have a big, huge walk in, many moons ago, that I redesigned from two funky his and her closets, adding cream colored french doors and floor to ceiling wood shelves.

It was cozy.

And I could see my entire wardrobe from bed.


Tracy said...

I have the idea I'm going to turn my closet into the coolest room in the house one day. Not sure if I could keep it neat enough to warrant french doors, but it's a cool idea.

aBroad said...

Down here where everyone has live in maids ( but me ) ... we took the maids room, made a nice arched doorway in the wall from our bedroom to that room and had a walk in closet/room built. With a window looking out to the gardens below.
It still isn't big enough. Well, it might be big enough for me but there is that pesky problem of the husband and his clothing ..sigh.
Good luck with that ... are you less nauseous now ?

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I would love to stare at my clothes from bed. Seriously!