Saturday, October 1, 2011

Psychics, Fallingwater, Mountains, SURPRISE!

A few years ago I was scanning an article about the renovations at Fallingwater, and I mentioned to Andrew that I'd never been, though I'd always intended on visiting.

It turns out his memory is better than mine, and last weekend he was all, "Surprise."

(I love him.)

Actually, it was more like, surprise we have a four hour flight delay which means we have to fly into Baltimore instead of Pittsburgh and drive two hours at one o'clock in the morning and also the airline lost our luggage.

But after that it was all look pretty mountains. Surprise!!!

The experience at Fallingwater was infinitely better than I'd imagined. I learned a few new things about the building, but it was the surroundings that really blew me away, and I wasn't prepared for how absolutely breathtaking they were. The day was gloomy, and it drizzled and rained off and on, but somehow I think that it made everything feel more alive and glowing and beautiful. And peaceful.

Plus, Andrew wasn't arrested for sneaking a conference call in during the tour and I managed not to throw up.

So it was good.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast that's over one hundred years old and has hosted all sorts of iconic guests including Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford. (Check out that old rate sign.)

Our room overlooked the valley and the pool. It was amaze.

The drive back to Baltimore had all kinds of insane mountain views, and with the leaves just beginning to change to shades of autumn, it was gorgeous. (Why did you Pennsylvania folks never mention this awesomeness to me?)

We stopped into tiny antique shops and I found a French table from the 1800s that would look perfect in one of the houses we're still negotiating on. No matter that it's two thousand pounds. I have some pictures of it that I'll have to figure out how to get off of Andrew's phone. Darn newfangled technology.

When we got back to the city, we spent our last night in the Inner Harbor and ate tapas and gelato and I got my palm read.

With only my first name and my fingerprints offered up, I discovered that I work from home and am fiscally secure, I'm starting to feel romantically settled, will have some kind of financial windfall within the next twelve months, I'm going to live an unusally long life, and I'll help the man who lives with me with his business. But there is one concern, and that's a baby. (There was no way she could have known, and when she brought it up I was THIS CLOSE to wetting my pants.)

But I shouldn't worry, she told me. Everything will be just fine.


Ruth said...

ah, you respelled psychic while I was writing. hm...nonetheless, the views are beautiful.

aBroad said...

Everything will be just fine. Perfecto.

You could not have chosen a better time to visit Falling Water with the trees all colored and even the misty wetness adding to the atmosphere .. what a wonderful treat for you !
Good one , Andrew !!

and here I am , feeling a wee bit homesick, looking at houses in Upstate NY :)

Mellodee said...

In my opinion (and almost everybody else) Falling Water is the pinnacle of Wright's residential work. Aptly named, it looks like it just grew there like the trees. Beautiful!

And the old Inn?? Wow! Just wow!

Leslie @ NE Portland Bungalow said...

OMG re the palm reading! Good luck!

Jealous of your trip! And love the pictures- especially the sign on 395. That was my old commute!

kristi.w. said...

Pretty! I'm a little jealous that you guys can travel and do such fun spontaneous trips, but I don't mean that in a snarky way because I know you guys work your asses off. Good for you for living your lives! I'm curious - what does your husband do for a living? The conference call in the woods photo is hilarious.

Lisa @ akawest said...

After finding your blog tonight, and exploring a bit, I want to tell you that no one would willingly have more than one baby if it were anywhere as horrible as the stories, i.e., yes, you will be fine.

Also, I lived for over forty years in Pittsburgh, always meaning to go to Fallingwater, and never visited. The Inner Harbor is cool. I did manage to go there. I now live in Florida. Those are my first blog visit thoughts.

Lovely Little Nest said...

wow, that is gorgeous!
and i loooove the inner harbor. sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

Deb said...

First of all - Visiting Falling Waters is totally on my to do list. Second of all, you were in Baltimore and didn't call me? For shame.... I'd have brought you and Andrew up to my place and cooked you comfort food and showed you around my little town with all it's little nooks and crannies and cool little, funky stores.....sigh. It's OK. I forgive you. (glad you didn't puke! Go Kelly!)

Caroline said...

That is so neat! We just studied Falling Waters in my humanities class this morning! Can you believe I'd never heard of it before? Gorgeous photography. Your husband sounds so sweet and thoughtful - I would be thrilled with a surprise like that :)
I love the little bit about your visit with the psychic too - psychics totally fascinate me.

kelly@tearinguphouses said...

ruth, you caught me!

abroad, you should take a weekend trip back to san marco. we could do lunch?

leslie, we were completely awed (and thrilled) by the lack of traffic.

kristi, he's a software field licensing specialist for a fortune 500 company. he is perpetually on a conference call. or an airplane. or a conference call on an airplane.

Stacie said...

Gorgeous! What a great trip. I want to go someday too.

Lauren said...

those views! incredible! said...

Falling waters is amazing. I used to live about an hour from Baltimore and Philly, both amazing cities for architecture and photography. When I was in college, i went to falling waters, and got some interior pictures. Luckly I didn't get kicked out. Good thing I was an architecture major, and I knew what I was looking at. Another time I was on a camping / mountain bike trip, and "accidently" came up on the back side of the guest house. Really neat.