Sunday, November 13, 2011

Questions + Comments, Part 2

More questions. More comments. More answers. Sort of.

Pregnancy gets better. It does.

Thank you for this. I hope you're right.

This is nothing compared to after you give birth. You'll completely lose your privacy and you'll never sleep again. Also, you'll get stretch marks and you will probably die.

Save the stretch marks, you just described architecture school.

What are you doing with The Historical House By The Water?

We rented it out to a couple from Texas. We were a little concerned about finding tenants this close to the holidays, but we threw an ad on the internet and a sign in the ground and were pleasantly shocked at the response. Luckily, after turning down two other applications, we found the right fit after only eight days.

Is there a waiting list I can be put on for when it becomes available next?


Did you try ginger for the nausea?

The nausea comes and goes, but it doesn't seem to correlate with any foods or smells EXCEPT for ginger. Because I'm lucky like that.

What kind of workouts have you been doing since you got pregnant?

I do most of the same things I did before, just a bit slower. Running, walking, kicking around the soccer ball, P90x, lifting, yada yada yada. They seem to help. The only things I cut out completely after the first couple of months were jump rope and traditional sit ups.

I love reading about your pregnancy. Will you write about it more?

I feel like I'm boring you when I do. I also feel like I'm somehow being inconsiderate or disrespectful to those who are having difficulties conceiving or creating a larger family.

Please stop writing so much about your pregnancy. Don't turn this into a mommy blog.

That would be on par with the European financial crisis and global warming, wouldn't it?

Thank you for being so honest about your pregnancy.

Carrying this beast has been such a strange experience for me. There are so many little moments, precious ones, but they get squelched between bouts of feeling like my stomach is under a three thousand pound rolling pin.

If I add regular sugar in lieu of the Splenda mix, will your recipes turn out the same?

I'm actually not a fan of Splenda (or sucralose, in general) in any form, but because I usually cut the sugar way down in most of what I make, I add a bit of the Splenda mix to keep the texture right. My body doesn't seem to do well with sugar for whatever reason. Anyway, yes, any of my recipes will work with all regular sugar (even a lot more regular sugar).

Are you doing cloth or disposables?

Cloth. I'm thinking Bum Genius Adjustables. I'm very open to any tips or suggestions.

Is the first project in the new house going to be the nursery?

There will be a lot of smaller projects and planning for the first year. The first large project will most likely be the Master Bathroom.

You look huge.

I am huge.

I thought you weren't ready to have children?

Even though we conceived around three and a half seconds after we started trying, do not mistake this pregnancy as anything other than one of the most well considered decisions of my life. Still, I'm under no illusions that I'm prepared.

One of the reasons I've always been so hesitant about parenting is because I think that, on some level, conscious reproducing takes a certain amount of arrogance, at least a teensy bit of believing that you are brilliant enough to form an entirely capable member of the next generation.

And I lose my car keys at least six times a week.

Questions + Comments, Part 1


Tracy said...

Aw, you are plenty prepared! I was 19 with my first - talk about unprepared. But she turned out great and so did the other 2 kids I accidentally had while young and stupid. No worries, you guys will be great parents.

My Garden Diaries said...

Too funny! Your humor will carry you through and you will do great! As far as diapers I used baby g diapers for on the go situations...they were great! Best wishes!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I'm sorry I said don't let your blog turn into a Mommy Blog. As always I am enjoying reading about your life. Love the new house..can't wait to see what you do with it. You are so lucky to have a child coming and that great Andrew.

Katy said...

I'm surprised that people write you to tell you what to write about on your blog. Interesting.

I think having a baby on purpose is more about hope than arrogance..

arrogance is when you write long posts about how your method of birthing/co-sleeping/butt wiping clearly means that you will have better children then others.

That's when you know you're ready to join the PTA and get in some real dog fights.

Jessika said...

I lack first-hand experience, but I've heard glowing, glowing raves from my friends about gdiapers. One of my friends also rigged up a sink-type sprayer hose to her toilet, which, apparently, made cloth 10x easier.

I don't mind the Mommy Blog. I think it's your life, and you're sharing it. I don't think it's insensitive; you're not purposely rubbing anything in anyone's faces. I say go for whatever you feel like!

Deb said...

You're never prepared to have children. That's an illusion ;) But you figure it out as you go and everything works out fine.

Lynett said...

There's only one thing I keeping thinking when I read all the nasty questions and comments people post...F#@K everyone! You look amazing and everything is going to work out great!!!

Linda said...

I'm holding out hope that "pregnancy gets better" too. However, I'm pregnant with our third child, and pregnancy has never once gotten better for me, and this time is the worst, so I'm not hoping too hard. Haha. It must say something that I'm willing to do this again and again, though, that it's totally worth it in the end. As soon as the baby comes out you forget how awful pregnancy is :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

I had 2 children before I was 25 ... I don't lose my car keys but have been known to misplace a child now and then.
I agree with Deb .. you are never prepared and that is part of what makes it so damned fun ..
I agree with Lynett, regarding the people who post anything insulting or rude .. WTF ? '
I am past Mommy Blogs doing anything but entertain me, my kids are on their own now ... I enjoy a good Mommy Blog .. I can sit back and be smug cuz we all lived through it ... you will too.
and F the rude person who asked that question.
Love you, love your blog.. and the dogs .. :)

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I can't imagine that anyone was actually rude enough to tell you that you are huge, but you aren't--you are a petitely adorable pregnant woman. Further, this blog is about your life, not just your houses, and having a baby is pretty big part of that. I'm enjoying reading about your journey, so keep writing whatever you please.

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

You crack me up! Sorry your pregnancy was sucky. I hated being pregnant and I wasn't even that sick, an that's why we only have 2 kids! I was willing to give it two tries and if I liked it the second time, we would go for #3 but alas, no #3. Still, I love my kids, yucky pregnancies and all.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Regarding huge .... I gained over 40 lbs with both babies and I always started out tiny.
My arms were as big as someones leg .. I was all soft, warm, ( over-warm) milky mamahood and I cherished every minute and would do it again in a flash. Well, maybe I would control my urges for M&Ms in the middle of the night .. but still .. no one has the right to judge the way another woman is pregnant .. only arseholes think they do.

Reenie said...

WOW.... last time I looked it's "YOUR" blog....and if you want to turn it into a mommy go girl. I'll still read ya.

Congrats again =)