Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aston Heads South

I just returned from a long weekend in South Florida, which (thanks to a few gifts left from old tenants) was spent doing more of this than this.

(I've shown you The Pad By The Sea, no?)

After we wrapped up our bidnid in Fort Lauderdale we managed to jet down to the Keys for a couple of days where Aston and I attempted to finish his baby baking.

Kid is ready to get this party started.


Leslie said...

It looks like a lovely time. :)

Lynett B. said...

Yay for South Florida and relaxing! You look great!

And Kathleen said...

I just bought another investment property (!!!) - and when I got a little scared I just pretended to be you. I even shoved a little balloon up my shirt and told the inspector that I really wasn't too worried about the cracked pan in the shower.

P.S. You look fantastic.

Life in Rehab said...

You're all baby! What a perfectly carried pregnancy. I can't wait to see how beautiful this child will be.