Friday, February 24, 2012

Things That Have Kept My Pregnancy Sane

1. gabriella maternity belts

2. the brookstone mini lumbar pillow and the brookstone wedge pillow

3. teeny tiny elton john shades

4. flowers with love notes

5. biofreeze spray

6. ayr saline nasal mist

7. sperry boat shoes

8. revitol

9. yo-nilla frozen yogurt

10. babymoons one, two, three, and four

11. cottage cheese with fruit

12. supportive in-laws

13. sea bands

14. oatmeal baths

15. working on the nursery


Leslie said...

You are so gorgeous! I'm glad that there have been some lovely things and people to get you through it. :)

Deb said...

Not too much longer :) There's light at the end of the tunnel now! (for you AND for Aston - ha! Get it? Tunnel? Sorry - I'm punchy today.)

Try to relax and enjoy this last bit of pregnancy :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Not so long now :)
I hope the oatmeal baths are helping with the rash ? and that you are getting sleep .
besos, C

Cass said...

fabulous list- all worth it in the end!!

Rolerkite said...

what are the rules on just wearing a maternity belt when, say you're not pregnant at all but it's girl scout cookie time??