Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Vision

It's beautiful outside today, but I've got zilch in the way of energy so I'm parked indoors working on ideas for The Lake House and relying way too heavily on interweb toddler shopping as a form of pregnancy distraction. Did you know that you can find teeny tiny versions of virtually anything online? Seriously, anything you can think of!


So far Aston and I are getting matching Toms and Ray Bans and easels for the studio. And if I keep this up long enough there may be a Satchel size horse in the mix.


NotesFromAbroad said...

Why a Satchel sized horse when you have the Real thing ?
My sweet Pup was host to many a tiny person, climbing over him, lying on him, falling asleep .. he never moved a muscle .. except that one eye .. the one that would eventually say ... Mom, get him off me !
Enjoy the slothfulness of the last days .. conserve that energy :)

craftosaurus said...

Everything's cuter in miniature!

Laura said...

I would like to hear Andrew's reaction to the Tiny Horse idea.

Laura said...

I would like to hear Andrew's reaction to the mini horse idea.

Bliss said...

Think that will be the title of my new book.... Interweb Toddler Shopping... For Pregnancy Distraction in the New Millennium.


Melissa said...

got some mini toms for my daughter. absolutely love them!