Friday, April 20, 2012

Swimming Pool

I want one.

There. I admit it. For years I said I wouldn't buy a house with a pool, because they're too much to maintain and, besides, I have the entire Atlantic Ocean to swim in. But I've changed my mind.  It's probably all of the amniotic fluid talking, but I want one.  In our backyard.

See how it would look?

Except less like fingerpaint and more like Ellen Pompeo's pool.

Also, it needs to be salt water.  And have one of these.

p.s. I like these pools too.

p.s.s. These are the rose bushes along the east wall.  I'd like them thicker, but I'll settle for not murdering them. Advice?


Mellodee said...

I think prenant women should be coddled and indulged. If you want a pool (and who could blame you?), you should have one.

[A pool with a big strong fence and a cover to keep everyone safe. And get the baby into the water and swimming as soon as you can!!]

And a belly flopz!! What a great invention. I would have killed for one of these when I was pregnant. I'm a tummy sleeper and I tossed and turned for months and was miserable that I couldn't lay down the way I wanted to!!

Tasha said...

That Belly Flopz looks A-MAZING. I wish I would have known about those during my pregnancies. And I wish that they fit in bathtubs. Can you imagine. I would have actually, literally lived in the tub.

Good luck on getting that pool!

craftosaurus said...

Please, for the love of all that is good, when you put in your pool, can you NOT put a piece of wooden and upholstered furniture randomly next to it? Indoor furniture belongs indoors. Otherwise it looks ridiculous.

I've no idea on the roses, but I wish you good luck on that front. Roses have always sounded like high maintenance plants to me (not sure of that's actually true), so I've steered clear of them.

Raina Cox said...

You're aqua nesting. ;)

NotesFromAbroad said...

I am in total agreement with Mellodee ... you should be coddled and indulged.
Actually, we all should be but I guess pregnant ladies go first :)
Lucky me, I know your neighborhood, I can see that pool in my minds eye .. and knowing the neighborhood a bit, I would be sure to get the ivy growing on those fences or whatever pretty natural thing you will have going for privacy ..
If you put in some flowers that are tubular, hibiscus etc, you can get hummingbirds .. next best thing to fairies.

Bliss said...

After 6 kids, all of which my belly was blessed to have a pool..... why the helll didn't someone invent that float years ago!


Katy said...

hey if you can handle the maintenance why not? I can't even maintain my grass, so a pool is out. :(

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Hey, if you have nice weather all the time, a pool is a no-brainer! Stupid to have one here in WI, though. Go for it!

InteriorGroupie said...

Oooh that would look fab! And I also LOVE salt water pools. They are so much nicer to be in.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

You should do it!!

I'm sure Aston would LOVE it in a year or two as well. And what's more precious than lounging by the pool with a sleeping newborn.

Katy said...

on second thought - get a slip and slide instead ;)

Deb said...

I'm lucky enough to have a pool at my parents house - next door - all of the fun with none of the maintenance or liability - yay! Seriously though, it's awesome and my girls are there all summer long - they've become amazing little swimmers.
Ask Connie over at Hartwood about your roses - she's a rose genius ;)

Val said...

I love're gonna love the calmness is brings.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I hope you and Aston are feeling good ..